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Another Plein Air...Tribute to Maynard Dixon

Tribute to Maynard Dixon
Tribute to Maynard Dixon
I painted this last week, when we drove out to the Oregon Badlands. They should be renamed, the Oregon Goodlands. A beautiful gorge with Eagle nests (and thus closed most of the year). After hiking, we drove south a few miles, and I was taken by the beautiful desert landscape. So luckily I had packed my minimal plein air materials. (Thank you Ken Auster for convincing me to only carry 3 colors plus black and white.) My patient husband snoozed, and my dog did the same while I blocked in the scene...and completed the painting, all except the hilights. Those I added in the studio, yesterday, prior to actually going out and painting on our own property. Brrrrrrr.

1 Response to Another Plein Air...Tribute to Maynard Dixon

Marian Fortunati
Amazing the range of colors you can accomplish with just those three colors!!
Did you use more when you touched it up at home?? Or did you stick with the three??

I usually use only 6 (2 yellows, 2 reds and 2 blues) plus white... I do find it hard to achieve a real nice looking "black" however.

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