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Gearing up for shows...

I have not been blogging because I have been painting a lot. I decided to enter the Yosemite Renaissance show...and have spent quite a bit of time on this picture. I was reticent to enter as this national show probably has hundreds of entrants...and this painting will likely never be in my local gallery(s), as the subject is remote. However, I had some great photos of Yosemite and decided to take the challenge. Who knows.

2 Responses to Gearing up for shows...

Marian Fortunati
These are terrific, Janice...Any show would be proud to exhibit them!!

Really exemplary!!

Jane Ujhazi
Don't underestimate the appeal of a distant subject. Oregon nature lovers are familiar with and have visited Yosemite MANY times . . . display it - you may be surprised. Your work is focused and powerful. What have you got to lose?

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