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Nothing like an incentive....

Smith Rocks, a world famous climbing area is only about 10 miles from my property. I have attempted to paint it many, many times...but never been happy with the results. The pointed verticals work against composition...and there is one famous view that every Central Oregon painter even a great painting of that area runs the risk of being a cliche. Last winter I climbed around the area, camera in hand. But one of my favorite views was one from across a pasture...the light was absolutely astounding. So about the of our patrons (at Tumalo Gallery) happened to mention that she has been looking for paintings of Smith Rock. That was enough to nudge me to start a series. This is #1 in what will be a small series. Listening to the client is not a bad thing!

1 Response to Nothing like an incentive....

Marian Fortunati
Not a bad thing at all if it inspires this type of painting!!
I look forward to the others in your series!!

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