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A productive day...

If Models Attended Gallery Openings
If Models Attended Gallery Openings
Again, just back from traveling...and a full day in the studio. I went to work on the nude I had been working on last week. Normally I submit one nude to a show in Astoria, each year. But it is a real push for me as I spend most of my time on landscapes. Years ago I was a figurative painter, but now it is a once a year thing. I have been fortunate and have been accepted into this show two years...but really want this painting to be more like my landscape work, not something very separate. I had worked on a classical nude...but as interesting as that is for a learning experience, I wanted my nude to follow some of the precepts of my landscapes...same limited pallet...blocking in shapes, etc. With my current pallet it is not possible to get the skin tones of the masters, but I really like this more structural work.

1 Response to A productive day...

Marian Fortunati
I like it!!
It makes me smile and that's always a good thing!!

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