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With a little help from my friends....(more binge painting!)

I had worked on a classical nude for several weeks and decided it was time to bring it to my art critique group. The members there Katherine Taylor, Vicki Shuck, Sarah Hanson, Alise Huntley (visit their blogs/websites/work on are all very competent artists so their input was really valued...Vicki asked me "what is your focal point?" Well, I couldn't answer we worked through the painting and decided the light on the model's left breast and the adjacent table were the areas of interest. To make this pop I needed to really darken the rest of the picture. I had darkened the bottom half of the painting, but to go in and put the model's face in shadow was really a push for me...all that work to go under a glaze. BUT THEY WERE RIGHT! Now there is no question about focus. These are great friends and great artists! (You can see an earlier version several blogs back)

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