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An almost complete picture...

At  The M&J
At The M&J
Today was our last day with Ken Auster...a really worthwhile experience. He drives home several points...focal point, lost and found edges, color in shadow and direct light, and atmospheric influence. I think I have learned a lot. Isn't that what is wonderful about is life long learning.
This painting of Tracy at the M&J Bar is about 90% done. I painted it in very dark light and now that I see it in adequate light there are areas I want to work on...but I am happy about capturing the focal point, and about loosening up and also painting thicker...all goals I had for this workshop. It will appear on my site after these color/value corrections. It is fun to paint in limited light...but challenging, too.

1 Response to An almost complete picture...

Vicki Shuck
I really like what you're doing here, Janice! It looks like you've captured alot of color in the darks and the composition is great. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person!

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