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Cluster Blogging....

The prior painting was painted 2 days ago, this one yesterday, but by the time I get home it is late and I am pooped. So have decided to do 3 blogs today/tonite.
This little piece shows more of Ken Auster's influence (thought not his facility...I am going to work on this or redo it prior to putting it out)....really focusing on structure, and hinting of distant focal point. Learning a lot about cool and warm light...and his concept of intellectual-passion-intellectual as 3 phases in a painting. Learning a lot...of course that doesn't always translate into an immediate improvement. This painting is a work in progress!

1 Response to Cluster Blogging....

Janis Ellison
Hi there from the the other Janis in Ken's workshop last week. This painting is my favorite of all the great work you did this week.

I think the focal point tells a story and the sense of light in the darker alley way is very dramatic.

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