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Day 1 with Ken Auster

Well, he is an excellent the afternoon we went to Mirror Pond to paint. Since I have painted this area multiple times, and since I really want to experiment with some of his techniques for cityscapes I chose to paint the alley instead of the scenic view of pond and North Sister (mountain). He has not seen this as I was away from the group.

1 Response to Day 1 with Ken Auster

Marian Fortunati
So, Janice... other than the fact that his art is wonderful, how do you KNOW he's a good teacher? Did he do a demo?? If he never saw your work, how did he help you.

I think you did a great job, but .... I'm not the teacher.
I would have expected him to drop by and give suggestions and a critique.... I too would be interested in learning more about cityscapes which is why I dropped in on your blog in the first place. I look forward to learning more through your experience!!

Happy painting

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