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A finished commission

Jim...Clackamas Co. Afternoon.
Jim...Clackamas Co. Afternoon.
This painting proved to be a challenge, but a positive one. When asked to do a painting from a photo taken several years ago, I was a bit concerned as there was almost no resolution, and it was not digital. I rephotographed it myself using my digital camera, so I could at least enlarge it and play a bit with color...though I did leave it pretty close to the color in the original. Also it was a very misty, impressionist photo (actually quite lovely) and not my regular style. Also, had to use "photo scrap" of the dogs, as the actual photo was so blurry and one dog beneath the horse, and the other placed in a way that confused the focal point, etc. That always raises a you paint outside your normal style? Does it confuse other patrons? But what the was a challenge and not so far from what I do, so I attempted it. Many, many, thin glazes later I am happy....and it was fun.
Now I must get back to my daily painting routine! I am hoping the week with Ken Auster revives/enhances my vision.

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