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Back in the painting game...

Waiting for a Ride
Waiting for a Ride
Do you ever take a vacation where there is no time to paint? Except for the 4 days with Jean LeGassick, where I was a wet noodle (and poor painter) in the heat, I haven't really logged straight painting time in 3 weeks! I began to wonder if I could really paint. Well, today I got in a good five hours...and was quite pleased with this piece (finished it from a painting I had started prior to leaving on vacation). Of course, Jean's voice was in my ears..."Remember there needs to be a main actor." Hope it is the barn...but the bike may be trying to upstage...and "Mix a mother color [to unify]"..."No dibby dabs...paint with authority." So with Jean on my shoulder, I really feel that this painting expresses what I wanted to say. More to come tomorrow...painting again!

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