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Tarahumara (Women Selling Baskets and Weaving) @ Copper Canyon

Weaving Baskets for Sale to the Tourists
Weaving Baskets for Sale to the Tourists
If you have read some prior posts, I had the privilege of meeting some Tarahumara women on my last trip to Mexico. These indigenous people live at the edge of Modern Mexico...they live very spartan lives, and many hold to the old beliefs, including a belief that people of European descent are children of the devil. They do not hate us...they say that we cannot help it that we were born of the devil. They might have something there. Anyway, I am doing a series of these women, and 20% of any sales will go directly back to the Tarahumara. They are in need of medical supplies, and educational supplies for their children. Change in unfortunately inevitable and they need tools to survive.

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