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I worked on this all day...and the whole time I thought it was accurate (in terms of vertical and horizontal elements)..whew...really need to photograph a painting to see the errors...this is a drunk's view of the abandoned theatre in the Dalles. Well, over the weekend I will make corrections. Not too hard...just adjust light pole, and the ticket box....
Wondering if this is Hopper or William Wray...or Janice Druian???? NOTE: I DID GO BACK IN AND MAKE SOME CORRECTIONS...SO THIS PAINTING IS THE FINAL VERSION. I decided not to attempt the accuracy of New Realism...that is not me...this is my impression of the Granada.

1 Response to Astigmatism?

karen cooper
via web
Hi Janice,
So, I decided to write you and mess with your selfcritique a little bit :) I like this painting, and especially the way that light pole gently wraps around the ticket box. I think it holds the compostion together really well. We talked about this at our life drawing group last night---is it more important to get the proportions, measurements, etc exactly right, or to compose the figure on the page in a beautiful way? We are a very mixed group, and had a great discussion, but sorry :) did not arrive at a definite answer to the question!
Later, Cooper

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